Wind Turbines

Laddertech 300w 24V single phase wind turbine

Better value than any other comparable wind generator available. Perfect for knocking down your power bill while testing your site for a larger unit.  Why buy a monitor? When you can get a working unit for similar money.

The Laddertech 300 is a popular 6 bladed wind turbine for use on homes, boats, yachts, advertising signs, tele-communications towers, light poles, etc. People are attracted to the clean aerodynamic lines and it's quiet and continuous operation in all conditions. Without any doubt the Laddertech 300 accumulates more energy than any other comparable wind generator available, you’ll always see a Laddertech turbine spinning in the lightest of breezes and yet handle that yearly gail.

Every turbine is finely balanced. Ensuring smooth and quiet operation.  

A unique and purpose designed generator keeps the turbine spinning when other wind generators stall. Overall this delivers more Amp-hours of power per day especially in low to average wind speeds Low wind speed start up of just 5mph or 2 m/s. So even in the lightest winds a trickle charge can be seen at the battery or power sent to the grid through our matched GTI-250 grid tie inverter. (AS4777 approved and RECS rebate)

Charges up to 300 Watts. Produces 108 Watts @ 11 m/s and 24 Watts @ 5 m/s

Efficient aerofoil profile blades with a unique "one way only fit" feature. Unique in the industry, our user friendly feature ensures you easily assemble the aerofoil blades in the correct orientation and design pitch for optimum performance. The blade root design has been tested to withstand forces in excess of the blades spinning at over 20 times the rpm seen at 10m/s. The blades are solidly secured in their sockets and will not eject
  • Brushless alternator. Ensures long life and low or no maintenance.

  • Our unique design features a fixed rather than rotating shaft which negates the need for a brush gear.

  • It is a simple and maintenance-free design; the alternator windings and magnets are totally encapsulated for improved protection against stator winding failure

  • 360 degree free rotation on the mounting pole.

  • The "Post Adaptor" that secures the turbine to the pole carries the slip ring and brush gear enabling the turbine to rotate 360 degrees freely to find wind without wires twisting inside the mounting pole

  • This post fixing is anodized enabling the user to select either an aluminum or stainless steel pole without corrosion concerns

  • Durable construction and modern materials.

  • Laddertech uses modern, durable materials giving our customers products with many years of trouble free service even under the harsh conditions of a marine environment


Efficient power conversion; the Laddertech 300 generates greater ampere-hours in real wind conditions than turbines of equal and often larger diameter! That’s because between gusts, our unique high inertia alternator design maintains momentum with a flywheel effect where other units stall. This adds up to more free wind power generated and stored for you.

Our low friction single phase alternator gives a smooth and silent output. The low wind speed start up means power is almost continuously produced in most typical conditions. 

Laddertech 300 turbines are made from computer designed efficient aerofoil blades. They have a unique and positive one way only fit and have been tested to withstand a loading with a safety factor 10 times than the turbine’s maximum rpm.

What is in the box?

Laddertech 300W Wind Generator Full Kit (Generator, Tail, 6 Blades, Hardware)

- Total blade span when assembled: 1000mm
- Shipping Dimensions: 575mm x 430mm x 320mm (shipped in timber packing box)
- Mounting Mast: (not supplied) mounted on regular 50mm (2”) steel pole.
- Packed weight: 18.5kg
- Warranty: 1-Year
- Optional: Matched grid tie inverter