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Solar Panels

Payback Time and System Earnings

As of 9th June 2009, the Federal Government has pulled the plug on the $8000 Rebate available for the purchase of a 1 kW and above Photovoltaic Solar System 

Solar Credits

The new Solar Credits scheme has yet to pass legislation.The new scheme will abolish the means test that is in place with the current scheme so that family's whose income is above the 100,000 threshold can apply, as well as businesses and community groups. 

Under the Solar credits scheme, for new installations from July 1, 2012. You will receive a 2 x times multiplier of STC's (small-scale technology certificates) formerly known as RECS (Renewable Energy Certificates) for the first 1.5kW of capacity installed, then single STC's above 1.5 kW. For Example,for a 1.5kW system you may receive up to 62 x STC's and up to 238 STC's for a 10 kW system. The STC's value may vary from day to day with the STC value in October 2012 averaging around $28.00 per STC.

Feed In Tariffs 

There is currently no State Government feed in tariff for electricity exported to the grid in NSW, Savings through solar is achieved by using your own solar electricity rather than purchasing from the retailer . Some electricity retailers may choose to pay a nominal amount for surplus electricity exported to the grid.There are 3 ways that you can get discounts on your solar power system.

Government rebates are available from both the federal and state governments. RECS cash-backs provide another handy saving and the small business 50% tax allowance. Laddertech will organise and complete all the application forms for you, so you can relax knowing that you will get the best possible deal, without having to worry about the paperwork.

Payback Time/System Earnings

Example: Under NET Feed System in NSW

With a nil Feed in Tariff, earning money from solar and wind generators is achieved by using as much of your own solar / wind electricity as possible, rather than purchasing electricity from your retailer.

You simply take the average daily kw/h your system generates (see chart below) and multiply 
eg: a) 3kw sytem produces 12 kw/h per day and 
       b) your electricity charge is 33 cent that figure 

by the daylight kw/h charge on your electricity bill which will give you your daily $$ production earning.

So a) 12 x b) 0.33 = $3.96 per day earned from your solar/wind system, muliply that by the days in your billing cycle say 90 days (quarterly) you have $3.96 x 90 so you have a potential saving of $356.40 for the quarter or $1425.60 for the year if you are using the power generated.

STC's Buy Back

Small-scale technology certificates (STC's) formerly known as Renewable Energy Certificates (REC's) are a way of keeping track of how much renewable energy has been generated and who has generated it. STC's can be traded between companies or individuals, rather like shares. One STC is created for every megawatt hour of renewable electricity that is produced.

Each year the owner can receive the STC's for a certain amount. Alternatively, owners can assign their STC's to someone else if they wish.

Nearly all Laddertech customers choose to assign them to Laddertech in return for a one-off  payment/discount on the upfront cost of the system. This gives them a handy discount as well as eliminating time consuming paperwork and the practical difficulties of trying to sell them privately.

Currently STC's can be bought upfront for up to 15 years. That makes a nice discount on the cost of a system, the larger the system, the larger the STC's buy back.

Business Solar Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions. Please click here to request more information: contact us.

Why put Solar on my business now?

In peak times some consumers a paying in excess of 50 cents per kW/h with prices forcast to increase by 37/% over the next 2 years. SMART INVESTERS WILL BE THE ONES LAUGHING FOR 20 YEARS+!)

Your system will generate a free power for years to come. Investment allowances, the sale of Renewable Energy Certificates and premium feed-in tariffs all contribute to reducing the out of pocket cost of going solar, and you be showing your customers and employees that your business is doing its bit for the environment. The marketing advantages can be great.

If your business has a turnover of less than $2 million per annum and your order before 31 December 2009, you can claim tax deduction of 50% of the costs of your system in your first year. The very same rules are being exploited by smart small businesses to buy a utes for example. 

What are carbon credits or STC's? (formerley REC's)

In response to climate change, and to encourage the development of renewable energy, wholesale buyers of electricity such as retailers are required to source a portion of their power from renewable sources. This is demonstrated by the purchase of small scale technology certificates STC's which must be surrendered to the Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator.

One STC represents the generation of 1 MWh (megawatt-hour) of electricity. As the total electricity produced by your laddertech Solar ower system depends on the amount of sun that falls on your roof, the number of STC's created by your system depends on its size and a factor linked to your postcode. The sunnier your postcode, the more STC's you can create. On installation, you can create STC's equivalent to the anticipated amount of power that your system will generate over the next 15 years.STC's can be sold through companies that are authorised to deal in them. Our base prices assume that you assign the RECS created by your system to us. We then sell them, and this reduces the out of pocket cost of your system.

Does my building insurance cover my solar panel installation

Usually YES, but check with your insurance company to make sure.

Will my new solar system require batteries?

NO, that is only for off grid or bush applications.

Can I add more solar panels later on?

Please consider this up front and we can suggest a larger inverter to allow increased output in the future. 

What are the ongoing costs?

None the only costs parts that fail beyond the warranty periods. (25 years for panels, 5 years for inverters) Also every 6 months the panels should be washed to ensure any bird deposits, etc are removed. 

Will you put holes in my roof?

Laddertech is an engineering based company. We can provide you professional advice on structural, wind and electrical engineering issues relating to any part of your operation. Therefore unlike many marketing based companies, we provide practical, lasting comprehensive solutions, and of course the very best pricing in the market.

The following table provides a typical guide for systems located in Victoria. Performance will be vary for a number of reasons.


Size (W)

No. of panels

Daily Output (kWh)

Daily Output (kWh)

Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide

(major contributor to theGreenhouse effect)

saved / year
























































Will I need a new power meter? 

Subject to an interconnection agreement with your electricity retailer, you may be able to continue to use your existing electricity meter. When your solar power system is generating more power than you use, your meter will spin backwards, offsetting the cost of power you have drawn from the grid. You will need a new bi-directional (import-export) meter if you wish to take advantage of the premium feed-in tariffs that are being introduced across Australia.

How long will the panels last?

Panels are designed to withstand exposure to the elements including rain, hail and wind. Laddertech’s panels have been tested and are certified for use in winds of up to 208km/h. All are German TUV certified, the best!

If you have any other questions, please contact us