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KlipKlamp®  Solar and roof mounts

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Traditionally, to mount solar panels on a metal roof you had to drill holes in the roof. This causes permanent damage to the roof, and if you would like to move your solar panels, or if you would like to take them off, you will need to pay to repair the damage on your roof. This is a problem that was fixed with the introduction of KlipKlamp®. 

KlipKlamp® is a product used to mount solar panels to roofs without the need for any damage. These are a revolutionary idea, designed to encourage solar panel installation, whilst eliminating damage to the roof. They are also environmentally friendly, and with increasing pressure on everyone to help with our environmental issue, you would certainly be doing your part. The installation will also be a faster process, because you will only need a few KlipKlamps®, instead of measuring, drilling and bolting.

Applications of KlipKlamp®: 

There are many uses for KlipKlamp®. The opportunities and applications are endless! Our KlipKlamp® can certainly be used for simple projects, but let’s explore some of the other marvellous uses and opportunities awaiting you:

- Solar Panels 
Hundreds, if not thousands, of solar installations use KlipKlamps. We can provide you with KlipKlamps® that are specially designed for use in high wind areas. Our clamps can dramatically improve wind uplift performance.

  • - Air-conditioning 
    Sometimes air conditioning units or similar need to be roof mounted, but does not need to duct through the roof, it simply needs a place to sit. How do you mount it so that the panels are unharmed, and anchor it so that it doesn't move? KlipKlamp® is the solution!

    - Signs 
Round shapes can also be mounted with Laddertech, eliminating unsightly and corrosive wood blocking. Gas piping, chimneys, electrical conduit, condensate lines - KlipKlamp® is the only answer!

Signs are securely mounted with no wood blocking, no holes in the panels, no leaks and no problem when the next tenant moves in. Temporary advertising and information banners are easily installed and taken back down with no damage to panels. Imagine the potential advertising displays.
- Antennas and electrical equipment 
Antennas, satellite dishes, lightning protection cabling, even holiday and rooftop lighting can all be mounted quickly and cost-effectively, permanently or temporarily with KlipKlamp® .

- Roof walkways 
Mount roof walks and access ladders quickly and securely with Laddertech. A penetration-free attachment that lasts as long as the roof, itself, only from Laddertech.

- Snow retention 
Snow retention, don’t let your holiday home in the snow become a lawsuit.

  • Don’t void your warranty on your industrial roof.
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