Camping & 4x4 & Caravans

Ladder Technologies Camping and Outdoor Solar Systems

Enjoy the comforts and the outdoors camping & travelling with Laddertech

Campers, caravaners, boating and outdoor enthusasts can enjoy free solar power wherever they go, whatever they do. When holidaying or away from home, enjoy a cold beer, glass of wine or fresh food without the melted slurry from the esky.

Laddertech solar and wind battery chargers can power fridges, TV's, computers, lights, radios, mobile phones, GPS's and much more making your outdoor experience refreshing and relaxed.

Fishermen and hunters can keep their catch fresh with our outdoor range of solar equipment. Inexpensive, light and compact solar power is a provision everyone can enjoy.

4x4 solar fit outs.  Never have warm beer again.  Enjoy the outdoors with style.